Rotating bending fatigue testing machine

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This machine has two spindles and two specimens can be mounted at both ends of each spindle.
Each spindle is driven by an electric motor via a V belt and the number of revolution is counted by photo-sensor. Thus, this machine can perform fatigue tests for 4 specimens simultaneously.

In order to apply the testing load, the corresponding weight is suspended through a helical spring attached to the outer block.
The rotating speed of the spindle, that is, the testing speed is 3150rpm (52.5Hz).

The fatigue life can be indicated in this window for each specimen.
GIGA QUAD® has two types of ‘YRB200’ and ‘YRB300L’ according to the Maximum load. The maximum load of YRB200 is 20kg, whereas the load of YRB300L is 85kg.

Therefore, the user can choose the appropriate type based on the respective requirements.

Prof. Hong Youshi is our technical advisor in China who also use “GIGA QUAD®”.

His name is Prof. Hong Youshi at Institute of Mechanics Chinese Academy of Sciences. He also uses our dual-spindle rotating bending fatigue testing machine. If you have any question of GIGA QUAD®, please ask him or me know your question. He is our Chinese technical advisor for GIGA QUAD®.

Prof. Hong Youshi

Institute of Mechanics Chinese Academy of Sciences,
Beijing, China
Prof. Hong Youshi

GIGA QUAD® Line up

It is possible to transfer the data to a PC via the in-house-developed wireless-measurement system which includes measuring instrument and transmitter built inside the tool holder.

Dual-spindle rotating bending fatigue testing machine for low load type


YRB200 was to be produced at high levels with high precision, high efficiency and less space.
It is suitable for the testing of giga-cycle fatigue characteristics which are supposed to take long time. It also has a variety of functions.

Dual-spindle rotating bending fatigue testing machine for high load type


YRB300L is a higher weight model adapted for metal fatigue strength characteristics reserch with high intensity and with heat treatment.
It is designed with safety for higher weight.

Corrosion environmental testing unit

Corrosion environmental testing unit YRB200-010

YRB200-010 can easily make corrosive environment and adapt to the test following actual environment. It is possible to perform rotating bending fatigue test under the corrosive environment.
The perfect antiscattering design of corrosive solution is being applied for a patent.

High temperature environmental testing unit (Halogen Lamp) for GIGA QUAD®

High temperature environmental testing unit(Halogen Lamp)

It is necessary to clarify the reliability property of structural materials at high environmental temperature.A spot light-condensed heating method is adopted in the developed high temperature unit. The light emitted from the halogen lamp is reflected and condensed to the small spot in the center of specimen.