Machinery and Equipment

Introducing our Machinery and Equipment

Processing・Testing Machines

NC lathe (including multi-tasking machines) 93 units
Machining center (including 5-axis) 39 units
Roll forming machine 1 unit
Ultrasonic cleaner 4 units
Bender 1 unit
Swaging machine 7 units
Milling machine 7 units
CAD-CAM Work NC 8 units
Dual-spindle rotating bending
fatigue testing machine
2 units
Cylindrical grinding machine 1 unit

Inspection Devices

3D- shape measurement device 4 units
Projector 2 units
Surface roughness measurement device 5 units
Roundness measurement device 1 unit
3D measurement device 1 unit
3D imaging measurement device 1 unit
Microscope 1 unit