Residual Stress Measurement Solution Service

(Modified Internal Residual Stress)

Yamamoto Metal Technos Co., Ltd. jointly developed internal residual stress measurement technique (MIRS® technique: Modified Internal Residual Stress measurement technique) with SHINKO WELDING SERVICE CO., LTD. (SWS), Osaka University and Okayama Prefecture Industrial Promotion Foundation.

MIRS® technique is possible to measure the residual stress inside a thick plate.

Plate of 100mm thickness, or even thicker plate, is possible

MIRS® technique is applicable to the products varying in shapes from metallic sheet to tube. Especially, MIRS® can measure the internal residual stress of a plate of 4mm minimum thickness up to 200mm.

Characteristics of MIRS®

Applicable to thick plates

Plate of 100mm thickness, or even thicker plate, is possible

High accuracy

Thanks to machine control, position can be determined with an accuracy of ± 1μm

Applicable to complicated shapes

Even small and complex products can be measurable without shape constraint

Restrain the amount of work

Residual stress measurement can be perfomed easily after drilling and trepanning. Therefore, the amount of work necessary to process decreases, allowing low-cost and short-delivery-time realization.

MIRS® technique measurement procedure