Manufacturing Process Monitoring Device


MULTI INTELLIGENCE® is a completely new tool that has been given intelligence itself.

Measure temperature and vibration in real time

MULTI INTELLIGENCE® is a measurement instrument incorporating built-in sensors (such as thermocouple) and drills and mills or FSW friction-stir welding tools so that temperature and vibration can be mornitored during processing in real time.

MULTI INTELLIGENCE®’s strength lies in being able to analyze and select optimum conditions on the spot by measuring temperature and vibration during processing.

By making the tool itself intelligent, digitalization and visualization of cutting and joining become possible.

Transfer the data to a personal computer

It is possible to transfer the data to a PC via the in-house-developed wireless-measurement system which includes measuring instrument and transmitter built inside the tool holder.

Cutting version Temperature measuring
Patent No. 6168695

This device measures the temperature and vibration of the tool at every moment even while using coolant.

FSW version
Patent No. 6038426

FSW version simultaneously measures the temperature of the 3 points: joining point, probe shoulder and surface temperature in real time.