Necessity is the mother of invention.
Yamamoto Metal Technos CO.,LTD, realizes your needs with advanced technology.


Our company is putting all of our efforts into working even harder to build an organization which can more flexibly and quickly respond to these environmental changes as we enter this era of more intense change.


The output of the research and development we engage in at Yamamoto Metal is the foundation that supports our society. We help support development of construction methods.

Business Details

Domestic Business & Overseas / International Business. Yamamoto Metal delivers reliable products with our enhanced processing.


The information network we work towards is an open system which can be mutually used by both our company and clients.


Head Office

4-7, Setoguchi 2-chome, Hirano-ku, 547-0034 Osaka Japan
TEL: 81-6-6704-1800 (Switchboard)/FAX: 81-6-6704-6582

Vietnam factory

Hanoi, Vietnam Thang Long Third Industrial Park.
Thiện Kế, Bình Xuyên District, Vinh Phuc Province.