Our staff are researching and developing material, machining and measuring
evalution day in and day out to solve a wide range of technical issues.


We have developed special type of fatigue testing machines in rotating bending, in which four specimens can be tested simultaneously.
Thus a series of fatigue tests even in gigacycle regime can be carried out within a reasonable period.

(Cutting version)(FSW version)

MULTI INTELLIGENCE®” is the name of a machine tool that can monitor processing temperature, vibration and cutting force.

The advantage brought by this tool is the ability to measure those parameters and to analyze and select the optimum conditions on the spot. By making the tool itself “intelligent,” digitalization and visualization of machining and friction-stir welding becomes possible.

(Modified Internal Residual Stress)

The residual stress is one of the causes to cause the stress corrosion breaking in a structure and various processing materials, a fatigue strength drop and brittle destruction.
Measuring and grasping residual stress is the step that is essential to securing of reliability of a structure and various processing materials.
In this MIRS® technique measurement, it is applicable to the residual stress measurement in plates more than 100mm.